Sarah P. (supersarah110) wrote in rk_pics,
Sarah P.

I have pics AND vids to share:

Ahh, hello community! I've missed you! Well, in return for forgiveness of my prolonged absence, I bring gifts o' plenty... (*And when I say that, I mean I went to the FIRST DAY OF THE PANIC WITH A K TOUR last night and I have pictures/videos to share):

First of all, none of these are the greatest quality, but you’ll have to survive on what I have to offer. I don’t have the biggest memory card, so they’re all only clips of the songs. Also, I apologize for the singing going on besides Relient K; my friends are loud a just a little tone-deaf. ;-)
Rufio opened, but I don't have anything of them... But MxPx was next and they did an awesome job:

Relient K came skipping out to the Family Matters Theme Song:

They opened with Who I Am Hates Who I've Been:

Then they did High Of 75 and I’ll get that video from my friend ASAP. And after that they played The One I’m Waiting For, I believe. But after that, they played Chapstick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry:

Next was In Love With The 80’s:

And Sadie Hawkins Dance after that:

Then, for no apparent reason, and for the first time in front of an audience, they played the Full House theme song:

Next was the first verse of Pressing On (*another “later” video) and then the first verse of Softer To Me (*one of my top 3 favorite RK songs):

Then, one of the coolest things, they combined Failure to Excommunicate and Life After Death & Taxes (*Ya know, the two “failure’s”) It was really happy:

Then they played I Am Understood?:

Then as an encore they did Be My Escape:

WITH the slow ending:

And finally, I So Hate Consequences:

And because I’m not really sure what picture goes with what song, here they are, all together, along with pics of my friends and I at the park:

So there it is, Lovelies. I hope you enjoy them!
--Sarah P. :D
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