Nicole (fullspeedaheadx) wrote in rk_pics,

Warped Tour / Pontiac, MI

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Awesome pictures! Wish I could've gone...
thanks! i wasn't too impressed with warped this year, though.
How come?
It didn't seem exciting like it used to be before. Either that or I'm just getting too old for this.
he's so cute.....

love your icon!


August 2 2005, 21:34:47 UTC 11 years ago

Love your icon...;D
Whoops. That ^^ was me. I din't realize I wasn't logged in...
lol tis ok. I love dave in that picture.
Hehehe. Me too! You should see my layout...;D
benny hinn? what would i do without him?
lol I think he's hilarious
Awesome pictures!!
I was there, too!
LOVE the pictures! :)
Heh, I took the first one and made an icon out of it *points to icon I'm using now*.
Is it just me or does Matt seem to always wear the same shirt...because at the last three concerts I've been to plus these pictures show that he does....